Update your old structure without having to tear down and rebuild! Reskinning gives your building a refresh that looks good and supports the structure in a new way. When we reskin, we strip the old siding from your building and replace it with new metal siding. Reskinning might be a good option for your metal barn, pole building, garage, barn, or machine storage building. We offer this as a much more cost effective alternative to rebuilding. We reskin buildings for Residential, Agriculture, and Commercial use. 

Reasons to Reskin

There are a number of reasons to reskin your older barn or other structure, but here are a few reasons why it might be beneficial to you.

1. Your Building is Showing Signs of Age

You may have noticed fading or chalking on the side of your building. This naturally happens when paint is exposed to sunlight for many years. It can leave your building looking dull and aged. With reskinning we use a unique formula that is highly resistant to aging and weathering, unlike other older metal coatings.

2. Your Building Has Been Damaged or Needs Repair

As much as we dislike it, accidents happen, and they can leave your outdoor structure vulnerable to further damage. As long as the structural integrity of your building is still intact, reskinning with new metal panels can help restore your building to a better condition than it was before.

3. You Want to Change the Color of Your Building

Sometimes you just want a change after staring at the same color building for years, or maybe you recently bought property but want a more pleasing color to your structure. We go beyond painting which can void your builder warranty, and reskin the building for a refreshing, new look.

4. Your Building Needs to Be Re-Sealed

Some buildings have been converted into being used for something other than what they were originally intended for and are no longer sealed properly for their current use. Reskinning provides the proper sealant your building needs to prolong its life and usefulness.


Do you have more questions, or are you ready to reskin your building? Contact our team today if you’re looking to reskin your structure in the Des Moines Iowa area!

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