Could Your Building Use a Facelift?


Re-skinning is simply replacing old or outdated metal with new metal to improve the overall appearance and functionality of your home or buildings on your property. Re-skinning your roof and walls on your building not only gives it an updated appearance, but can help with overall functionality. A roof or wall “re-skin” is simply replacing old worn or damaged metal, windows and doors on your building with new. This updates the look of the exterior of your building serving as a facelift for your old outdated building. Our crews work on complete replacement or any repairs caused from damage that occurred during the life of your building.

We find that over time, older buildings often start to show wear and tear, looking dated and dull. If your building, shed, barn, garage walls, and windows no longer have a clean exterior appearance, that’s where Des Moines Area Roofing comes in to help.

Popular repair requests include repairing or converting:

  • Skylights
  • Sliding door rollers
  • Gutters
  • Wainscot
  • Damaged Steel panels
  • Damaged Trims

With a facade makeover of the exterior of your building, our experts can take your aesthetically unpleasing building and make it attractive and sustainable again. When your building is more aesthetically pleasing, your property curb appeal increases as well. Contact Des Moines Area Roofing today, and we can help.