Spring a Roof Leak? Here’s What We Can Do

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Don’t worry; a roof leak can happen to anyone. If you wake up one morning and find a water spot on your ceiling, all is not lost. It could be a minor issue or something bigger. In either case, we recommend you simply give us a call so we can get up there and figure out what is going on.

When you call us for a roof inspection, we promise we’ll be thorough and get to the bottom of your problem. In many cases, the issue can be repaired. However, in cases where a new roof is needed, it’s better that you know and accept the fact sooner rather than later. Here’s what we’ll do when we perform your roof inspection.

Inspect Shingles, Replace As-Needed

Shingles can dislodge due to thermal expansion (the changing weather) or be pulled off by sudden, high gusts of wind. The problem is that a missing shingle isn’t always obvious unless it falls into your yard. Yet, once you lose a shingle, you lose your waterproofing in that small section of your roof.

When we’re on your roof we carefully inspect every inch for missing shingles. If we find one, we can usually replace it. If your shingle problem is indicative of a larger structural issue, we’ll be honest about it. In many cases, all we need to do is install a few replacement shingles to get your roof in working order.

Check Your Chimney Flashing

Your flashing is a thin, water-tight material that lays against the joints on your roof, most typically at the joint between your chimney and your roof. When working correctly, flashing keeps water from seeping into the gap between your roof and the chimney.

However, over time, your flash Part of tiled roof with brick chimney against blue sky with beautiful cloud formations and diagonal composition[/caption]ing can separate from its surface, which will inevitably allow water into your attic or the interior of your home. We can inspect your flashing and re-install any missing or separated sections to ensure your roof remains water-tight.

Look for a Spongy Roof

A roof that needs major repairs (usually a replacement) will exhibit a symptom that we refer to as “sponginess.” That is, when we walk across it, we can feel that it is soft beneath our feet. This typically means that water has entered the sheathing, comprising its integrity. Worse yet, the moisture that is compromising the structure of your roof will also breed mold.

Our roof inspectors are trained to know what a healthy roof feels like under their feet. Just by walking on a roof, we can tell a lot about its integrity.

Ensure Your Gutters Are Draining

While we’re up there we’ll take a look at your gutters. Are they clogged? Are they leaking? Bad gutters can keep stagnant water on your roof, or even allow moisture to get under the roof because it’s not draining away.

We’ll let you know if you have a gutter problem. If you do, we also repair and replace gutters, so we can take care of that for you.

Suggest a Repair or Replacement

After our inspection, we’ll be transparent with what we find. If we think all you need is a minor repair, then we’ll quote a minor repair. If everything’s okay, we’ll say that too. When we suggest a complete roof replacement, it’s because we think you’d benefit most from one. Sometimes a roof has completely failed even if it’s only just started to leak.

Whatever we suggest, you can have the confidence in knowing that we’ll only quote you for the work you need. We’re just as happy to repair a roof, or give you the thumbs up!

Don’t Second Guess Your Roof; Just Call Us

If you’re not a roofer, then it might feel daunting to diagnose your roof issue. Not only is it dangerous to climb onto your house if you’re not a professional, but it can also often be hard to understand what it is you’re looking at when you’re up there.

Don’t second guess your roof. Call us, the professionals, and we’ll perform a thorough inspection of your roof. When we’re done, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re taking control of your roof situation.

Are you worried about your roof? Reach out to us today to schedule an inspection.