What an Iowa Winter Can Do to Your Roof

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Impact of Iowa Winters on your Roof

It’s a well-known fact that winters in Iowa are tough on everything. Whether it’s the lack of daylight making us feel the blues, the road salt damaging our roads, driveways, and vehicles, or the harsh weather freezing our fingers, toes, and noses!

However, did you know winter is bad for your roof? And you can’t exactly “quit” winter like you would sugar this New Year! What you can do, is understand the types of damage winter can cause, and be proactive about slowing or eliminating that damage.

Water Damage

While winter is a notoriously dry season, all of that snow and ice will eventually thaw and become more water than you can handle. IfIowa winter roof damage, roof water damage, roofing experts Des Moines Iowa, roofing contractor Urbandale IA you have a functioning roof and clear gutters, then that excess of water shouldn’t be a big problem. However, even a new roof and gutters can cause you problems if you’re not prepared.

As snow on your roof melts, much of it will also freeze before it’s had time to run through your gutter system. Unfortunately, as this process occurs, enough ice will accumulate on your roof into what we call an “ice dam.” These ice dams cause water to seep into your attic or crawl space because your gutters will eventually clog to the point where that melting snow has nowhere to go but through the small gaps in your flashing, shingles, or fascia.

What to do? Clear your gutters of ice every so often to ensure they can carry water freely. If your gutters are too damaged to allow water to drain even when they’re empty, then call us for a full gutter replacement.

Snow Damage

Snow is a heavy and ever-present part of winter. It’ll sit on your roof, melt a little, and re-accumulate until you have layers of snow that impede efficient melting. From there, the melted snow goes wherever it can, which is often under shingled or behind your flashing.

Sure, you could set up that ladder and climb onto your roof with a shovel (hello, emergency room visit!) or you could call us before winter for a roof inspection. We’ll patch any damaged places, or recommend a replacement if needed. Whatever the case, a properly-installed, healthy roof should repel water even if it’s covered in snow.

Wind Damage

A badly damaged roof with missing shingles in need of repair, Iowa winter roof damage, roof wind damage, shingle repair Des Moines IAWinter and wind go hand-in-hand. Late winter is often a frigid, blustery time. Those sustained, high winds can lift away your precious shingles without you even realizing it. Sure, your neighbor two houses over might see the shingles the latest winter wind storm carried into their yard, but they probably won’t tell you, or even know whose roof they came from!

Shingle damage is totally normal and quite common; shingles are meant to be on the frontlines between the elements and your home. However, they need to be replaced as soon as they fail. How do you do this? By having people like us perform regular inspections!

We Make Your Roof Winter-Proof

Between our inspections, repair, and replacement strategies, we have the means to get your roof through another Iowa winter. There’s nothing like the peace of mind knowing your home is safe from excessive moisture, piles of snow, and unrelenting wind. With us, you can enjoy the season without worrying about what is going on up there!

Give us a call or send us an email to discuss a roof consultation. We’ll be honest with you; recommending a repair or replacement strategy, if needed.